Creating & Assigning Custom Forms to Lists

Tools:  SharePoint 2010 / InfoPath 2010

SharePoint 2010 InfoPath now provides the Business and IT Power Users with the feature set to build Forms for each list action of New, Edit and Display.  Customize each form with the fields and level of detailed instructions required for each audience. 

For example, a user that initially creates a List Item consisting of a few required and optional fields may subsequently be edited or viewed by other users with permissions to enter or edit additional fields. 

Create Form Steps
1. Select a SharePoint List; see example of a typical list
2. Select List tab > Customize Form
3. Select Page Design tab > Create New View
4. Copy Fields from Default View to the New View
5. Adjust New View Properties
*** see Source Video link below for more details ***

Assign InfoPath New Form to List Action of New
1. Navigate to the SharePoint List
2. Select List tab > Form Web Parts [this link is to the RIGHT of Customize Form]
3. Select (Item) New Form
4. Select the InfoPath Form Web Part dropdown option of Edit Web Part
5. Select the Views dropdown option that relates to the Custom New Form
    * this form will display for the initial entry of all New Items
6. Select OK > Save the Page

Repeat the Assignment steps as needed for the following Forms 
– (Item) Display Form
– (Item) Edit Form

View Source Video to understand the basic relationships that exist between a List, its Views and the capabilities of assigning custom forms to list view with InfoPath.

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