It’s More Fun With The Right Tools

Skills:  Tool Analysis & Selection

I was reminded this past week how important it is to have the right tool for the right job.  It’s even better to have that right tool at the right time.

I had just taken our vehicle into the dealership for some maintenance, oil change, tire rotation and balancing, etc.   The Service Manager also asked if I would like them to change the air filter as it looked very dirty.  I answered, “no, I will change that myself”.

After getting the vehicle back home, I looked at what it would take to remove the top half of the air filter compartment.  Oh my!  They don’t make it easy to get to the air filter anymore.  I remember when it was one wingnut and the lid was off.  Not anymore.  There were approximately 6-8 screws holding the compartment lid secure, the screws were inset at various angles and other components were in the way.

After finding a few wrenches and the special star screwdriver bit, I was able to remove the screws and get to the filter.  But, I realized that putting the screws back in was going to be difficult without the right tools.

After a few trips to various automotive parts stores around the area, I found the ratcheting screw drive handle and the flexible extension bars required to get the job done.  It was actually fun trying out all of the new tools available for the DIY mechanic.

With the right tools in hand, finishing the job was a snap.  Let me say that again.  With the right tools, any job is more enjoyable and more satisfying.

This same mindset holds true for SharePoint as well.
It’s more enjoyable to manage, build and administer features and functionality within SharePoint when you have the proper tools for the job.  That may mean building something from the OOTB features, constructing a custom application or purchasing 3rd party webpart, etc.

Whatever that right toolset is, you have what it takes.  Be creative, get the right tools and get it done!

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