Chart Web Part Manipulation Of Genius

Tools:  SharePoint 2010, Chart Web Parts, Performance Point

Best Practice is to use Performance Point Services for all your Dashboard Reporting

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I couldn’t wait to use the new Chart Web Part in SharePoint 2010 to solve a basic user requirement; display a visual chart of Incidents by Month with a bar or pie chart.  I read up on all the bells and whistles of this Web Part and was ready to put the pedal to the metal.

Sounds simple enough until I found, through trial and error, that the new Chart Web Part does not have the engine to perform some of the grouping and counts on the fly when consuming a simple SharePoint list.  Instead, the X & Y Axis values are repeated for each item in the list.  Maybe I am missing something here but it appears like a half-baked solution.

Another loss was that the Y-Axis dropdown control contained only 3 of my 25 columns.  I couldn’t find any reason for this online.  According to this tutorial, the grouping and counts should work fine.

After about 30 minutes of searching the web for a workaround, I locked on to this creative manipulation of genius … it solves the problem but provides more juice to my argument that I need 2013 sooner rather than later”.

How has SharePoint affected you?

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2 Responses to Chart Web Part Manipulation Of Genius

  1. Twain says:

    Now that the Chart Web Part is not supported in SP 2013, is Performance Point Services still the best option for dashboards? How is it better than 3rd party web parts like and ?

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