Using ArcGIS for SharePoint

Tools:  SharePoint 2010, ESRI’s ArcGIS Web Parts

ArcGIS for SharePoint 2010 provides some very nice features and an API (see Extensions) to develop beyond the delivered functionality.  Any SharePoint list with a city and state can be easily geocoded and displayed on a map as points, clusters, heat maps, etc.


A few great videos that show visually the how to’s of configuring ESRI ArcGIS maps to SharePoint lists, etc.

Site Collection Features
– the ArcGIS for SharePoint feature is Active by default on all new collaboration sites

– Site Actions > Site Settings [ArcGIS for SharePoint Administration]
*resources included with ArcGIS; will be used within the UI

List Configuration
– create a list or use an existing list
– include columns of address, city, state, country, region
* city and state (minimum fields required by Geocoding workflow)

– add workflow to list to Geocode list entries
– select workflow template of ArcGIS Geocoding
– set workflow to run when a new item is created
– select ArcGIS Online (NA) for North America (OR
select ArcGIS Online (EU) for European Countries
– configure the rest of the workflow fields and select OK

Verify List Item Geocoding
– select List
– edit the default view and add the new Geocode columns (as needed)
* Shape X
* Shape Y

Page Configuration
– create page
– add ArcGIS web part to the page
* select Category of ArcGIS
* select ArcGIS Map Web Part
* save the page and keep editing open
– select the map to reveal the web part ribbon options

Map Application
– select web part drop down > select Edit Web Part
– select Application [Tab] > Basemap
* select the level of detail (ie; Streets)
– select Application > Add Content > Browse >
* select SharePoint List as the Source
* expand List selection
* select All Items
* select Add Selected Layer
– select Symbols [Tab]
* select Symbol > category > icon


Learn more at
See the Topics
– What’s New in 2.1.1
– Preparing SharePoint Data
– Using the ArcGIS Map Web Part

ESRI Mapping at LAX [PDF]

Real World Example:  UNICEF

References to similar Mapping Tools

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