My Experience With Windows 8

I picked up our new Win 8 HP desktop at our local Best Buy on 2/8/13.

Why we wanted a machine
– to manage the genealogy software of Family Tree
– to manage our finances on Quicken
– to provide a backup machine for our kids

The Old Machine Specs
– minimal RAM of 384 MB
– Win XP SP3
– 300 GB Hard Drive

The New Machine Specs
– 8 GB of RAM
– Win 8
– 1.5 TB Hard Drive
– IE 10

Microsoft Office
– was able to successfully install Office 2007

Printer Configuration
– have a Canon PIXMA MG5320 (Printer/Scanner/Copier)
– found that this Canon model now supports AirPrint from an iPhone or iPad
– – found the firmware update on the Canon website
– – firmware available for Win XP and Win 7 OS only
– – connected printer to our newer Win XP machine and upgraded the firmware
– – set the printer to wireless and disconnected the USB cord
– – moved the printer to the final destination (which can be anywhere in the house)
– – completed print tests from the Win XP desktop, the Win 8 desktop, the iPhone and iPad

Quicken Upgrade
– purchased a new version that was more current and compatible with Win 8

Family Tree Install
– installed version 2011 successfully

Win 8 Metro/Tile Interface
– provides an easy way to capture websites and applications and organize them on the metro/tile interface; very similar to iOS device feature

iOS Features
– the metro/tile interface would mostly be used more by novice and power users
– the desktop, control panel, devices, etc are easily accessible from the desktop tile on the Start screen; most likely would be used more by power users, programmers and system administrators
– overall; I found the interface features easy to navigate, update and personalize
– scrolling left to right across the screens was very easy once I found that rolling the mouse wheel back and forward did the trick
– the ‘getting started’ tile on the home page provides some nice tips and tricks for getting productive more quickly

HP Package Components
– the HP Desktop package included the tower, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse
– the keyboard included 3 sound control buttons
– 6 USB Ports (2 in front; 4 in rear)
– Beats Audio jack (1 in front; 1 in rear)

– even though the Win 8 operating system is 64 bit, the majority of applications will need to run in 32 bit as many drivers, add-ins and applications are still written to run best in 32 bit; this includes IE, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.

– if you order anything online, chances are that the sites will want to store cookies on your machine; if you receive the dreaded message that cookies need to be enabled, here are a few things to try

  1. adjust the browser cookie settings by following these steps
  2. if step 1 does not work, uncheck the box next to “Turn on Pop-up Blocker”

– press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the browser cache and try again

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