Easily Display Any Image Map (.SWF) File In SharePoint

Products:  SharePoint InfoPath 2007-2010, TechSmith SnagIt

The Challenge
A client requested assistance with a clickable diagram (aka; image map) to provide an intuitive experience for their users.  The requirement was to have specific areas of the diagram clickable and mapped to either a page, document or a web site.

The end result is that the solution needed to fit nicely within SharePoint.

The Options
There are a number of ways to accomplish this challenge.   You could use any number of graphic design (ie; Adobe Dreamweaver), image mappers or HTML map designer software products.  But I like to keep it simple; simple to build now and simple to manage for the future.

As stated above, the means to accomplish this are as varied as the road is wide.

The Solution
I chose TechSmith’s product of SnagIt because it’s on my machine and I use it everyday for all sorts of graphical purposes; it’s also relatively inexpensive and many of our business users already have it as well.  I have to say that I have never used it for image maps but was encouraged to find the feature already included in the product.  SnagIt allows for the outlining of images, provides for mouse-over highlighting and the ability to save to multiple file formats.

This was the perfect tool for this challenge.  I snagged the image into SnagIt, selected the HotSpot tab and in a few steps I had the mouse-over highlighting functional, the areas linked to various destinations and the .swf file created.

The Implementation
The .swf file can easily be added into any SharePoint page with the help of the Page Viewer Web Part (PVWP).

  1. Upload the .swf file to your favorite site library
  2. Edit your page and insert the PVWP
  3. Configure the PVWP link to point to the .swf file
  4. Configure the web part Width and Height values

You now have a fully functional image map within a SharePoint page, easily developed in a matter of minutes and best of all … easy to manage into the future.

The real success of the project is empowering the business users with the tools, understanding and experience required to manage the solution into the future.

How has SharePoint affected you?

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