InfoPath 2010 Form Template Not Valid or Cannot Be Found

Products:  SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010

Related Error Messages
– Invalid Form Template
– Form Template Not Valid
– Form Template Cannot Be Found

“InfoPath Data Source ______ referenced in the form template is not valid or cannot be found”

– very simply … your form will not publish or if you feel lucky, you may select the button titled ‘publish anyway’

Web Search Resolutions were Futile
I searched the web from the heavens to the ends of the earth and the best resolution found was to edit the .xsf and then rebuild with some special tool that no end user would ever have access to nor want to know about.

Resolution Explained

  1. Review Error Message
    The error message explains exactly which data source is missing
    (ie; “Data Source Regions1 referenced in the form template is not valid or cannot be found”)
  2. Remember This One Thing
    So, let’s simply create another “special” data source of Regions1 to make it happy.
    Know that the original data source name is named Regions and the 1 is appended because the data source was usually created automagically within the Data Source ‘Add’ dialog
    **NOTE** Once this data source is created, it can NEVER be deleted or the form will break again.  Just resolve yourself to leave it be once rebuilt
  3. Rebuild the Connection
    1. position your cursor in an open area of the form
    2. select the Home tab
    3. in the Controls section, select the Text Box
    4. right-click on the field, select Change Control and then Drop-Down List Box
    5. right-click on the field again, select Drop-Down List Box Properties
    6. select the radio button of Get Choices from an External Data Source
    7. because my original data source name is named Regions, I select it within the Data Source drop down list
    8. select the Add button
    9. create a new connection to Receive Data
    10. select to receive data from a SharePoint Library or List
    11. select the original data source (ie; Regions)
    12. select at least one column
    13. follow the remaining prompts to create the data connection
  4. Clean Up
    1. delete the field you created in Step 3
  5. Publish the Form
    1. complete


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One Response to InfoPath 2010 Form Template Not Valid or Cannot Be Found

  1. sz0b7m says:

    I found that I could resolve this issue by exporting my solution to the xsd and xsf files, then opening them in visual studio to view them. I searched through each of the view files and the manifest file for the data connection name. Once I found where it was hidden, I went to infopath and located the offending control or field to clean up the filter or default formula that was linked to the old data connection. I cycled through this and running the design checker, then re-exporting data until I got a clean bill of health from the design checker.

    Had I done what you proposed above, I would have been left with some controls that no longer functioned because a filter was attempting to use data from a data connection that no longer really existed.

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