Publish Parent Site List View For Use Across Sub-Sites (aka; Web Part Site Gallery)

Products: SharePoint Designer 2010


  • Announcements list resides on the top-level parent Enterprise site
  • Announcements list managed in a central location by Site Owners and Content Editors
  • Show a subset of the Announcements on other sub-sites that may be related to business groups, departments, teams, etc.
  • Include filter and group criteria for the Announcements in the sub-sites
  • Configure the presentation of the Announcements in the sub-sites
  • Limited or No-code solution
  • Easy to upgrade to next version

Old Wine Skin

Using SPD2007, there was a feature for created a data connection to other site (ie; parent site) content such as lists and libraries.  Forget about that old method; time to pioneer a new trail.

New Wine Skin

Using SPD2010, we create a new view, configure the view and then publish it as a web part to the Site Gallery.

Configure The View

  1. open the parent site in SPD2010
  2. select Lists or Libraries from the left navigation pane
  3. select the Announcements list
  4. in the ‘Views’ section, create a new view (ie; All Items Custom)
  5. in the SPD page editor, click on the view
  6. configure the view (as needed)
    1. add Filtering
    2. add Grouping
    3. add Paging
    4. add Item Count
    5. add/remove Columns
    6. etc.
  7. in the ribbon UI, go to List View Tools and select the Web Part tab
  8. select To Site Gallery from Save Web Part section
  9. enter a name and description
    * the description will be helpful for others to understand the overall purpose for this web part
  10. select Yes when the dialog displays asking about whether this web part should point to the original parent site Announcements list
  11. complete the save

Configure The Web Part

  1. In SharePoint 2010, navigate to the parent site
  2. select Site Actions > Site Settings
  3. [Galleries] Web Parts
  4. locate your new web part and select the Edit icon
  5. include a Title, revise the Description and add an entry to the Group (aka; (Web Part Category) and  Recommendation Settings sections
  6. Save

Configure The Page

  1. In SharePoint 2010, navigate to your sub-site
  2. edit the page where the web part will live
  3. position your cursor in a free zone
  4. select Insert > Web Part
  5. select the appropriate Category and add the web part to the page
  6. configure the web part as needed


The Announcements from the parent site may now be shown as needed in other sub-sites that may be related to business groups, departments, teams, etc.

How has SharePoint 2010 changed your life!

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