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Document Management Strategy for SharePoint

So, how does one explain document management strategy to an organization, a team or a group of business users? This topic can quickly take on a life of its own and will most likely mean different things to different people … Continue reading

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SharePoint InfoPath 2010 Annoying Help Text of “Cannot Be Blank “

Products: SharePoint InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 Most users find the following help or hover text annoying and depending upon the size of the field; just plain in the way of selecting a field or entering text within a field. … Continue reading

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SharePoint InfoPath 2010 Cascading Dropdown Lists With No Lookup Columns

Products: SharePoint InfoPath 2010 A recent client needed an intuitive form for capturing user data.  There were many fields on the form and three (3) that required special attention. the 1st field provided a drop-down list of teams the 2nd field provided a … Continue reading

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Using Active Directory vs. SharePoint Groups for User Management

Products: SharePoint (All) As with most features in SharePoint, there are at least two (2) ways to accomplish anything; and, managing user permissions is no exception.  And similar to any discussion, there are at least (2) opinions on how to best configure … Continue reading

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Intranet Carousels Teach a Harsh Lesson in Reality

Products: SharePoint (All) Premise: The use of image carousels on an intranet is distracting, consumes prime page real estate and is largely ignored by the majority of users. An intranet is like the front door of a house or a business.  The front door often … Continue reading

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