SP Designer Error Rendering Control

Products:  SharePoint Designer (SPD) 2007, 2010

If you work in SPD long enough and create custom list or library forms (IE; NewForm, EditForm or DispForm), you will eventually encounter the dreaded red “Error Rendering Control” within specific controls on your form.


I was working in a sub-site and had created a custom list NewForm to capture a subset of the fields from the Requestor. The form was created a few weeks prior. Since that time, there had been some fairly major permission updates as inheriting from the parent should not have been the norm on many of the lists and libraries within the sub-site.


Searching for a resolution or workaround can be tedious and possibly fruitless. Instead of search, review the controls on the form to identify if there is a pattern of any type. In my scenario, I found that all of the controls appeared to relate to the Master Page control. There was also a prompt that displayed during the custom NewForm load that mentioned the ~master page.

Next Steps – Master Page

I performed the following steps to review and update the Master Page.

  1. Navigated to the site
  2. Selected Site Actions > Site Settings > Master Page
  3. Site Master Page: selected “Specify a master page …” and selected the same master page as the parent site
  4. System Master Page: selected “Select a master page …” and selected the same master page as the parent site
  5. Alternate CSS URL: selected “Use Windows SharePoint Services default styles”
  6. Selected OK to save

Next Steps – SharePoint Designer 2007

  1. Closed SPD
  2. Opened SPD
  3. Navigated to the site
  4. Selected the custom list NewForm
  5. No errors


This is one scenario where the above steps helped to resolve this specific issue.

Comments welcome.

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