Announcements Show/Hide Feature

Technologies: SharePoint 2007-Online; SharePoint Designer; JavaScript; XSL

We will use the basic Announcements list and include the Show/Hide feature for the list. The Title will always display while the Body text will display on request by the user.

1. Using SharePoint Designer, add a basic web part zone and data view web part to a .NET ASPX page

2. Include XSL statements within the body of a page



3. Include javascript on the page (to test) within the <head></head> section

function ShowText(element1,element2)
var field1 = document.getElementById(element1);
var field2 = document.getElementById(element2);
   if (element1) {
     if ( == "block") {
  = "none"; 
           field2.innerHTML = "Show";
     else { 
  = "block"; 
           field2.innerHTML = "Hide";

4. Save the web part to a file and import onto a new page of your choice within your site.

5. Insert a Content Editor Web Part onto the new page and include the SPD javascript as embedded code. See screenshot.


6. The end result is the following user experience; the user presses the Show/Hide to manage the experience.


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