So You Want An Azure SQL Database

Review MVA Learning Tutorial: Querying With Transact-SQL


  • Create Azure SQL DB and populate with Adverture Works Sample Data
  • Access SQL DB via local SQL Server Management Studio tools
  • Access SQL DB via Visual Studio


  • Login to the new portal:
  • Select + and Data + Storage
  • Select SQL Database
  • For the ‘Blank Database’, select Adventure Works Sample DB
  • After DB created …
  • within Tools, select Open Visual Studio
  • configure Firewall to allow connection with local machine and other machines as needed

using Visual Studio …

  • select Open Visual Studio
  • login to SQL DB; enter Database Name and server credentials

using SQL Server 2014 Express Management Console to query the DB separately…

  • navigate to
  • select top navigation of Products > SQL Server > SQL Server Editions
  • select top navigation of Express
    … review the version information available on the page
    … as we already have a SQL DB in Azure, we simply need the SQL Server Management Studio version
    … download SQL Server 2014 Express and install on local machine
downloads also available via MSDN Subscription
  • login to subscription
  • navigate to the Subscriber Downloads section
  • search on the keywords: “sql server 2014 express”
  • download / install Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Management Console
  • download / install. NET 3.5 Framework (as needed)
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