To The Victor Goes The Spoils

Pursue your objectives with a focused, almost reckless, abandon until the end. Ben knocks it out of the park with his current blog. Here’s a few of my thoughts on the topic.

[Break Through The Walls]
While reading Ben’s blog, the section about “Objective-Based Pursuits” really struck me. Greene challenges us to put away all distractions to develop a “perverse pleasure in experiencing internal conflict”. To hug/embrace the pain, challenge or opportunity by being still in its presence. Basically, take time to let it really soak in!

[Personal Story]
I was reminded of the surgery and subsequent recovery/rehab around my completely ruptured Achilles tendon years ago. The injury was easy, the surgery was easy (as I was totally out) but the rehab was a killer. It was the most intense pain I had ever experienced. The crazy thing is, my mind actually began to embrace the pain of each rehab exercise as I was absolutely desperate for the end result … the ability to once again be able to walk with a normal/balanced gait. I actually looked forward to the painful experience each day as the result was so much greater.

[Success & Innovation]
In the movie Caddy Shack, Chevy Chase stated it best when he gave us the great advice of “Being one with the ball.” This is really the key to success and innovation. To be engulfed with, empathize with, live with, be in the moment with and be in the skin of the pursuit. To live it, breath it, smell it, touch it, see it, hear it, taste it … to be one with the ball and to fully understand the root cause, the opportunity or the challenge means you are on the right track to creativity and innovation.


Do Hard Things [Book]

City Slickers – Secret to Life [Movie Clip] Just One Thing

Living With A Seal [Book]

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