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InfoPath 2010 Form List vs Library Template Features

Products:  SharePoint InfoPath 2010 New with SharePoint 2010 is the ability to customize the layout and presentation of a list directly from the ribbon.  In one (1) click you have access to the current version of the InfoPath Form. Since … Continue reading

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SharePoint InfoPath 2010 Annoying Help Text of “Cannot Be Blank “

Products: SharePoint InfoPath 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 Most users find the following help or hover text annoying and depending upon the size of the field; just plain in the way of selecting a field or entering text within a field. … Continue reading

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SharePoint InfoPath 2010 Cascading Dropdown Lists With No Lookup Columns

Products: SharePoint InfoPath 2010 A recent client needed an intuitive form for capturing user data.  There were many fields on the form and three (3) that required special attention. the 1st field provided a drop-down list of teams the 2nd field provided a … Continue reading

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Build SharePoint No-Code Mobile Request Application Workflow

Products: SharePoint InfoPath 2010 & SharePoint Designer Workflow 2010 Client Expectations specific request information be captured within the corporate network that specific management approvers be notified of new requests that the approvers could be anywhere in the world (internal or external) … Continue reading

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InfoPath 2010 Form Template Not Valid or Cannot Be Found

Products:  SharePoint 2010, InfoPath 2010 Related Error Messages – Invalid Form Template – Form Template Not Valid – Form Template Cannot Be Found Topic “InfoPath Data Source ______ referenced in the form template is not valid or cannot be found” Symptoms – … Continue reading

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InfoPath 2010 Form – SOAP Response Error on Server

Tool:  InfoPath 2010 Incident A client was customizing a list view with InfoPath 2010 when the view hit a snag.  The view would no longer publish to the SharePoint list.  There were a few changes to the list column definitions and the InfoPath … Continue reading

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Switch Form Views After Submit Using InfoPath 2010 – Best Practices

Tools:  SharePoint 2010; InfoPath 2010 The key to a well designed web form is keeping it cleared of clutter. For instance, instead of displaying the ribbon commands, include custom Save/Submit and Cancel buttons to control the flow of your form … Continue reading

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